Fiduciary Duty

Book Review: The Vigilant Investor

You can go with your gut when choosing between steak or chicken. Use knowledge to choose an advisor. This book will help you do that.
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Financial Reform Freedom?

The Senate sweats this week over the self imposed July 4th deadline for President Obama to sign the Financial Reform Overhaul Bill. The bill is reported to be over 2,000 pages, and reaches into every corner of the financial industry from credit card transactions to advisors. The bill ventures into some places where legislation has previously left alone. In many ways, the financial system needs some changes, however, for the most part, the Independence Day bill is more confusing than freedom-promoting.
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Goldman Sachs – Not the Real Problem

The government allows companies like Goldman and other brokers to act under suitability rules. This means that a client has to be suitable for the investment, but does not mean that the product is the best for the client.
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The Cruel World of Financial Advice

You expect that your banker or broker will always do what is in your best interest. Can they? It’s a mixed up world when your financial advisor is your salesman.
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Fiduciary and the “B”

Is the “lack of demand” for the 'B' share mutual funds because brokers are cleaning up their act and ditching one terrible product to show that they really don’t need to be fiduciaries to have the client's best interest at heart?
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