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Retirement Plans for the Self Employed

So you quit the corporate rat race to start your own business.  It’s hard work, but you enjoy the freedom and the thrill of being your own boss.  There is nothing that you miss about your old job. Except maybe your 401(k). 
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How to pay for College

It’s a blessing and a curse. After much nagging about grades and extra-curricular activities, your beloved Junior or Juniorette has made it into college. Your first thought is how proud you are of your child’s achievement. Your very next thought is, “How in the world do I pay for this?”
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How to Choose a Financial Advisor

The title “Financial Advisor” has a myriad of meanings. To most, it probably means a financial “expert” to guide you through important decisions and help manage investment assets for the present and future. However, all advisors are not the same. So, how do you pick one? Below are five factors to take into consideration when making your choice.
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The Cruel World of Financial Advice

You expect that your banker or broker will always do what is in your best interest. Can they? It’s a mixed up world when your financial advisor is your salesman.
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Wiser Investing 101

A non commission based look at how to obtain the maximum potential from your investments.
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Wiser Advice 101

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Diversification, Cost, and the Long Term: Part 1 Diversification

The title of this series is what we here at Wiser Wealth Management keep in mind when investing.  I wanted to explain this and show how these simple words can lead to great investment results.
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What is Risk? Part 1

Risk of an investor’s portfolio can have several meanings.  However, in highly diversified portfolios the only meaningful risk is the risk that an investor will have less money in their portfolios at the end of their planned time horizon.
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