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Wiser Wealth Management, Inc has partnered with ASA ALPA to offer an annual 401k workshop. In this workshop, we teach the basics a 401k participant should know about building a portfolio to meet their objectives. From these workshops, we often get followup questions. It is our commitment to the Express Jet pilots and flight attendants to offer unbiased FREE 401k advice. Wiser Wealth consistently monitors the 401k plan choices for changes in fees, managers, portfolio changes and unusual performance. From this knowledge, we can give you our recommended portfolio allocations. Why is this free? Casey Smith, president of Wiser Wealth Management, is also a pilot for Express Jet and is the 401k Specialist for the ALPA Retirement and Insurance Committee. He is using his resources to help Express Jet employees have a better understanding of investing for the long term, thus improving their retirement portfolios.



The following asset allocation models were created by using Morningstar risk benchmarks altered to fit the individual funds within the plan. The funds were chosen by analyzing long term performance, standard deviation, sharpe ratio and alpha. We strongly recommend that you speak with Casey Smith, ASA Alpa R&I 401k Specialist to discuss your investment objective and risk tolerance prior to using these models. Wiser Wealth Management 678.905.4450 Ext 1






The following reports show the performance of the Wiser recommended risk adjusted models seen above. There is a lot of information within these reports that are important to portfolio building. Please call our office if you have any questions.


Through our professional subscription with Morningstar, we are able to offer the Express Jet pilots and flight attendants superior research to what is offered on the JP Morgan retire online site. The reports are broken down by asset class.

Large CapMid CapSmall CapInternationalBondsSkywestTarget Date Funds

ExpressJet JP Morgan 401k Workshop (ASA ALPA)

The 401k workshop is held each year in January or February. Class sizes are limited to 50 and usually run about three hours. In the past, we have offered a class during the weekday and one on the weekend. In case you missed it, here is a presentation for your review. Click on the image to the left. CAUTION file size in 13 MB.


Wiser Wealth has developed a retirement calculator for ASA Pilots. This retirement calculator takes into account a typical pilot’s career at ASA in that it includes your contractual raises, aircraft pay differences and employer matching. From what we can research, there is nothing like this available to any other pilot group.

Click Here to download the Pilot Retirement Calculator Excel File. (updated 9/4/12)


Through the JP Morgan 401k plan all participants are given the opportunity to open a brokerage link. A brokerage link an account within the 401k plan that gives plan participants the ability to purchase index funds, stocks and other mutual funds not available within the traditional plan options. Wiser Wealth uses this account to build index portfolios based on the plan participants risk tolerance and investment objective. The benefits are lower investment cost and historically better long term performance with lower portfolio volatility. Participants within 10 years of retirement will benefit from the additional assets classes available to reduce overall portfolio risk.

Plan participants will open the brokerage link through JP Morgan on retire Chase will charge $100 per year for the account plus $14.95 for equity trades. Wiser’s portfolio management fee is a flat $250 per year. For inquires please contact Wiser Wealth at 678.905.4450 ext1.


“So, what route do you fly?”

Working with a financial planning firm that understands your life makes planning for your future much easier. Our team, made up of a financial planner, CPA, portfolio manager and estate planning attorney all understand your career in aviation. Skip the explaining yourself step and move right into fee only unbiased financial advice. Wiser Wealth extends a substantial discount to our normal planning fees for Express Jet Employees.

Why would you need this service? Can you fill in the blanks?

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