Wiser® Wealth Management, Inc congratulates Dr. Brad Bushnell, MD on his appointment to the Berry College Board of Trustees. In celebration of Dr. Bushnell’s success, Wiser® Wealth Management, Inc is donating $1,000 to the Dr. Bushnell led, Berry College Billy Yeomans Land Management Scholarship Fund. We challenge friends of Berry and Berry Alumni to help us fully fund this scholarship.

With 27,000 contiguous acres of woodlands, meadows, streams, and mountains, Berry College has earned national acclaim as one of the most beautiful college campuses in America.  As an outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Brad Bushnell led a group of local friends and Berry College alumni to establish the Billy Yeomans Land Management Scholarship.  The scholarship honors Billy Yeomans, Director of Forestry Operations at Berry, and supports the cost of a Berry College education for students working in the Forestry Operations department.

Since 2006, Yeomans has overseen land management and stewardship of the largest college campus in the world. Encompassing many diverse habitats and ranging from an elevation of 1,700 feet atop Lavender Mountain to 600 feet in the valley, Berry’s vast land holdings are not only an exquisite nature preserve, but also a living laboratory suitable for long-term ecological studies. Located just 70 miles from downtown Atlanta (and an equal distance from Chattanooga, TN and Birmingham, AL), the Berry campus will one day, with good stewardship, be an emerald oasis in a sea of rapidly sprawling urban housing developments, industrial parks, shopping centers, and multi-lane highways.

To donate to the scholarship fund, please follow this link and mark your donation as “Billy Yeomans Scholarship.”