Your Financial Future – Can You Fill in the Blanks?


Can you fill in the Blanks?

I need to save ___% of my paycheck to reach my financial independence goal to make working optional at age___. My retirement nest egg needs to be built to $_____ to achieve this goal. 

Financial Security
Most Americans will not be retiring with pensions or family trusts, thus placing the burden of our future financial security squarely on ourselves. For those in their 20’s filling in the blanks above would be easier than someone just starting in their 50’s, however knowing the answers is important for everyone of all ages. 

Wiser Financial Planning
Wiser Wealth Management, Inc in Marietta, GA, offers retirement planning to help you fill in the blanks. Based on the information and goals you provide, we create a retirement plan unique to your needs and situation. Our planning process determines your probability of success as well as gives you a list of action items to implement to help you achieve your financial independence goal.
Probability of Success Calculation
The probability of having enough money to fund a full retirement is determined by the Monte Carlo simulations completed by our plan software. In the Monte Carlo simulations, the software uses 500 individual hypothetical scenarios of market performance over time to come up with an average probability of success.  These hypothetical scenarios include very good performance, very poor performance, and everything in between.  Performance scenarios used in the computation do not reflect actual current returns and are no guarantee of future returns.

Take Action
Wiser Wealth charges a flat fee for our retirement planning session. To schedule your retirement planning session please contact Casey Smith or Sonja Gonzalez. 678.905.4450 Ext 1 or 4. 

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By Published On: May 21, 2012

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