Egypt – A Better Understanding

What is the connection between the protests in Egypt and your portfolio? Not a whole lot unless the crisis spreads out of the country or other countries begin to take sides over Egypt’s issues.

However, I do want to share with you the blog of an Egyptian-born pastor here in Atlanta. Dr. Michael Youssef is the pastor of the Church of the Apostles ( He is also the lead voice of Leading The Way, a worldwide outreach ministry also based here in Atlanta. Many of the news anchors that you are listening to, as well as key US government officials, do not understand the root cause of the Egyptian protests.

Here is an excerpt of Dr. Youssef’s recent blog on Eqypt:

“Westerners are looking at what is happening on the Egyptian streets and wondering if it is good for an oppressed people to protest against a semi-dictatorial regime. Most of these young protesters cannot find jobs, and inflation has ravaged the middle class, to say nothing of the gulf between the very rich and the very poor.

On the surface, this is an understandable situation. But before you judge the motives of the protesters, you must know who is really behind those young people on the streets.” Click HERE to read his full blog.

In another blog, Dr. Youssef writes about America’s Role in this crisis:

“The problem with freedom and democracy in the Muslim world is that it is a figment of the imagination that only exists in the minds of Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton.” Click HERE for his full blog.

Dr. Youssef on CNN Television

Youssef on CNN


By Published On: February 2, 2011

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