LaTrelle Allen Retires


LaTrelle Allen Announces Her Retirement

I began working with LaTrelle in late 2004 when I leased office space within Wiser Financial Services. LaTrelle struck me right away as a very dedicated employee. In 2007, when I purchased Wiser and rebranded the company, LaTrelle came along for the ride. She was so dedicated that she continued to show up for work for three months without pay! Mr. Wiser even had a retirement party for her! LaTrelle kept telling me that I needed her and she was right. In the end, she made payroll and helped me through a very tough company transition and the market collapse of 2008. She and Kyle Waller, now a foreign missionary, helped me lay the groundwork for building Wiser to what it is today.

Many people have to work past normal retirement years out of necessity. LaTrelle never had to work; she retired from nursing many years ago along with her husband who is a retired Cobb County Principal, which is why I called her our best volunteer. Looking back, I think she was afraid that I was going to replace her with a younger faster model and I was worried that the person I could trust with everything would rather be retired at the beach. For eight years LaTrelle put us before herself, even to the point of having her second hip surgery and showing up in the office a week later!

In June of this year, LaTrelle came in and quietly left a note saying she was officially retiring. As I read the letter, I understood why, but my heart sunk as I realized this was an end to a very special era. My company was officially transitioning from its beginnings to a rapid growth phase that would have new key players. The transition has been happening over the last few years as LaTrelle has transitioned to support for Alexa Brannen, our current client services and office manager. LaTrelle has also worked on special projects related to regulatory compliance and a business we manage for a client.

In July, we hosted a dinner for LaTrelle at the Marietta Country Club with only Wiser staff in attendance. We gave her a final tribute to her service. A client recently came in and said she loved our firm and that while the office was nice, the people who work here make it feel like family. LaTrelle will always be a part of our family.

Thank you LaTrelle for 8 years and 6 months of service to Wiser Wealth Management!

Casey Smith – President, Wiser Wealth Management, Inc

You can thank her too at [email protected].

By Published On: July 30, 2015

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