Financial Planning

Financial Planning, unlike many things related to finances, is actually exactly what it sounds like. It is simply planning to have the amount of funds needed to accomplish an individual’s financial goal. Wiser Wealth Management offers both simple and comprehensive financial planning to assist you in creating a “blueprint” to reach your goals.

What’s your Financial Goal?

Do you want to travel the world? Or spend time with your grandkids? Or retire early and be able to send your kids off to college? Buy that boat or lake house? Be debt free? Whatever your goals are – big or small – we can incorporate those into a feasible financial plan for you and lay out the steps to get you there.

Our Process

It is simple really. First, we start with an analysis of where you are now, then we ask what your objectives are and finally, we develop a strategy on how to best achieve those goals. Generally, our financial planning objectives include, but are not limited to, the following:

For simple financial plans, all the above objectives may not be used. But for comprehensive planning, we like to incorporate  planning into all aspects of your financial blueprint.

Following the completion of a financial plan, you have two options. We can help you implement and monitor your plan OR you can use our advice as a springboard for “doing it yourself.” It’s up to you! We want to help but also understand those that want get there on their own.

Our Team

Since financial planning is multi-dimensional, our planning team is comprised of a financial planner, CPA and an attorney who will assist you in developing your long-term plan. These professional designations are the result of, as well as an indication of, the level of knowledge and experience gained in fields related to our business. This helps us to assure you that the best options to achieve success with your financial goals are being taken.

To get started, simply give us a call to schedule an appointment. Your first meeting with us is no obligation to you. We will simply discuss your needs and show you how we can help. What are you waiting for?

Please call us at 678.905.4450 to schedule a complimentary visit with us or use this short form to Contact Us.

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