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Many times, people engage in transactions without realizing the significant tax consequences that could be realized. This is usually brought on by salespeople looking to get paid a large commission.

An example of this a scenario from the brokerage business. A client held a large amount of a security that had been in the family for many years. The security was a large portion of their portfolio and the broker recommended diversifying their assets. In order to do this, the security was sold, the broker received his commission on the sale and then was compensated again on the purchase of mutual funds.

The client was now diversified, but also stuck with a capital gains tax of over $30,000.

There are many other examples like this that could be prevented by proper tax planning. If this had been a Wiser Wealth Management client, he or she could have been diversified with much fewer tax consequences.

If you are considering the sale of investment property, securities, a business or any other type of investment, we encourage you to give us a call. We would like to help you keep as much of your investment as possible. Our first meeting is complimentary and is of no obligation to you.

Tax Preparation

Wiser Wealth Management specializes in estate, business and personal tax preparation. Through the supervision of a CPA and trained tax professionals, we will take the time to ask the appropriate questions to insure that you can maximize all available tax credits and deductions. This makes for a lower tax bill, or better yet, a higher refund. No tax return is too complicated for us; please give us a call.

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