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Wealth Management for Airline Pilots









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Are you approaching retirement and worried about making the wrong financial decisions?

Trying to find time to navigate the complexities of every financial decision may feel overwhelming. And how do you find a financial advisor that is working in your best interest and not their own?

Flying can be unpredictable, but that is why you logged hundreds of hours training so that you can make the best decision when it counts the most. And when it comes to your finances, you want the same confidence, right? Especially with something as important as your investments and retirement plan. But it’s hard to make informed decisions about your finances without the best data and education.

Wiser Wealth Management in Marietta, Georgia, specializes in investment management and developing financial plans for aviation professionals. Our fee-only financial advisors do not work off commissions and we have a simple fee structure. We help you stay on course to reach your goals.

“In life, you are either a passenger or pilot. It’s your choice.”
– Unknown

Our Airline Community

Do you want to work with a financial advisor that understands your job and your needs? We can help.

For over 20 years, we have helped pilots and other aviation professionals from different airlines.

Our Airline Community

Do you want to work with a financial advisor that understands your job and your needs? We can help.

For over 20 years, we have helped pilots and other aviation professionals from different airlines.

  • Delta
  • United
  • American
  • Southwest
  • Frontier
  • Spirit
  • JetBlue
  • NetJets
  • Alaska
  • Kalitta
  • FedEx
  • Atlas

Guiding you from Takeoff to Touchdown

We are here to guide you through the financial planning process. These decisions are significant and we understand what is at stake. Whether you are fresh out of flight school or you have been flying left seat for years, we can help you find a better path forward when it comes to managing your money and achieving your goals.

If you need guidance on investments or financial planning, we will walk through each step together until you feel confident with your plan. Whether you are just starting out, planning for retirement, or in retirement, we are here to help you on your financial journey.

Your Financial Planning Flight Deck


Retirement Planning


Medicare & Social Security Guidance


Investment Management


Estate Planning


Tax Planning & Strategy


Insurance & Risk Management


Long-term Care Benefits


Airline & Military Benefits Assistance

Our Approach to Financial Planning

Schedule a Check Up

We start with a conversation about your goals and concerns to see if we are a good fit.


Create Your Custom Plan

We will implement our financial planning process to set you up for success.


Clear for Takeoff

Once you have your financial plan, you can rest easy knowing you are on track for success.

Meet Your Ground Crew


Casey T. Smith

President & Retired Airline Captain

Missie Beach

Missie Beach, CFP®, CDFA®

Senior Financial Advisor


Andrew Pratt, CFA®

Investment Manager

All of your financial planning needs in one place. ​
We help you determine which runway is best for you.​


Are you looking for portfolio management with comprehensive financial planning?

Wiser offers a unique and total wealth management experience including portfolio management and comprehensive financial planning that is tailored to your specific needs. We have a team of financial advisors and a network of trusted CPAs and attorneys to guide you through every aspect of life, so you can achieve financial freedom.​

​We’ll develop a portfolio that is aligned with your financial plan, so you can focus on what matters. With our services, you will be able to relax and enjoy life knowing that your finances are in good hands.


Do you manage your own finances but want professional advice on a specific topic?

​Financial planning is a necessary and important part of life, but it doesn’t have to be hard. You can get advice from someone who has done this for over 20 years! We’re here to provide the expertise and support you need to stay on the path to achieve financial freedom.

​Working with a financial planner can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll take the time to get to know you and understand your unique needs so that we can provide tailored advice to help you meet your specific goals.

We help clients write their own stories of success. Yours could be next!​

Missie Beach and her team do an amazing job. She took the time to listen to our needs and concerns and devised a comprehensive plan to help us achieve our financial goals. My wife and I know we are in great hands with Missie and the team at Wiser Wealth Management
Mike L
Casey and his team are very professional, thoroughly explain the investment strategy and results, review your goals and plans, and are responsive to any requests.
Joe M.
Have been with Wiser for eleven years and they have done a fantastic job...so glad that a friend of mine recommended them to me. Thanks to Casey, Missie, and company.
Christopher N.
My yearly meeting with our Wiser Wealth Management team went well, as usual. My personal circumstances have changed drastically and Casey has been there to help with everything as my financier and friend. I enjoy working with Casey and feel that he has my best interests at heart.
Linda B.
Wiser not only makes me wiser but also confident about my finances!
Heidi D.
I have known Casey for quite a few years now. He runs a good shop, very knowledgeable and responsive. Everyone that works there is a pleasure to deal with.
David B.
Our advisor is Casey Smith. Casey thoroughly understands our retirement funds as well as our SEP IRA's. He has invested our money wisely and with very little risk involved while still producing income. If anyone ever asks me to recommend a fiduciary fee only financial advisor, I would highly recommend Casey and his company.
Joe S.
Wiser Wealth Management has been my Financial advisor for the last 22+ years. Casey and his staff has been honest, trustworthy and have done a great job for me and my family! I would recomend them for anybody that is looking for financial advise. Chris Watson
Chris W.
The team here is great, and they always respond so quickly to any questions I have. Highly recommend!
Molly K.
Wouldn't consider going anywhere else!
Jenny N.
For some reason, Google brings up a review I did some time ago for Wiser Wealth, so Google gets one star.Wiser, however, keeps their five star rating. Casey and the team have continued excellent customer service. All questions and fears about the market are answered. Plus, he is a genuinely great guy to work with, as is the whole team. Really happy they are looking after our money!We found Casey on Facebook. Knew nothing about him. And while we aren't millionaires, he treats us as if we were. And his investment strategy has worked really well for us. We have worked with Casey and his team for quite a few years now. Could not be happier we found him.
Jeff C.
I sought out a wealth management firm because I don’t know everything I need to know in order to produce a solid estate plan for my future. I found Wiser through a recommendation by a co-worker at my airline.From my first meeting with Casey (remote. I live in Utah) I knew I was going to enjoy working with Wiser. Casey immediately came across as relatable, focused and genuinely interested in me as a person and as a client. In the information collection phase I communicated regularly with Casey’s staff. They are top notch employees - extremely thorough and responsive. Subsequent meetings were very pleasant and by the end of the whole process my wife and I feel back in control of our future. We feel like all the loose ends are tied up and that we have a solid plan.I have really loved my experience so far with Wiser. I really like paying the upfront one time fee and then an hourly fee for future consultations. My wife and I are very happy and I certainly recommend Wiser.
Shawn H.
Casey and his team at Wiser Wealth Management provide excellent financial planning services. Our family researched several options for wealth management before hearing about Wiser, and we are extremely pleased that we went with Wiser to achieve our financial goals.
Matt R.
Casey and his team are so thorough and wonderful! They really took our best interest to heart and went above and beyond to do what was best for us. We are so happy to be working with them.
Cassandra R.
We have been with Wiser Wealth Management for a little over a year and are very happy with the support, expertise, and guidance they have provided to us in preparing and executing our financial plan. Casey, Missie, Michaela and the entire team are personable, professional, and extremely responsive to our needs and goals, and take the time to answer every question we have. They made the transition from our own DIY financial plan to their comprehensive Wiser plan easy and painless. We know that they have our best interests as a priority and this is demonstrated through they service and transparency. We also appreciate that they constantly educating their clients with up-to-date articles and podcasts on issues that we need to know about and may not be aware of. We are so glad to have Wiser in our corner!
Sue M.
Casey and the entire Wiser team provide superior service and advice. We continue to be pleased with our decision to work with Wiser Wealth Management where our needs are a priority.
Marvin N.
Missie Beach was an invaluable member of my team throughout my divorce process. My attorneys relied on her analysis and advice to secure the best possible settlement, and I feel confident and optimistic knowing that her wise counsel, tax knowledge, and investing guidance put me on a good path for the future. Anyone going through a divorce needs a CDFA, and Missie is top-notch. Very highly recommend.
Kristen T.
I first met Casey Smith in 2005 when with his help I created my Estate Plan. He appeared to be a bright and personable young man and his advice fit my hopes for my financial future. I decided to have him manage my portfolio.I have not been disappointed. I live in Rhode Island but in today's electronic age the distance is not a problem Casey reviews my holdings and makes the changes to keep my portfolio in the agreed balance. I find his fee schedule appropriate. He has my complete trust. He is responsive to every request and has a professional office staff to meet every need.I recommend Wiser Wealth Management anyone needing sound financial advice.
William M.
I highly recommend Casey and his team! Missie and Michaela were very knowledgeable and helpful. They listened to my goals and helped me put a plan together. As a fiduciary fee only firm, it was clear that they always had my best interest in mind. Also, with 200+ air line pilots under management, they are very well prepared to address the specific needs and concerns of pilots.
Chris H.
Casey and his team are fantastic. We feel like we are in the best possible place to take care of our financial needs.
Sandy C.
I approached Casey and his team to help me get a better handle on our long term finances and planning to help ensure we were on track to meet our long term goals. They were amazing. They walked us through the entire process and explained everything we needed to look at and why it was important. I was impressed at the manner by which they identified gaps in specific future years where we may be vulnerable and what coverages we needed to plug those holes. Everything I was worried about was addressed and a plan developed for each concern. The process and changes they guided me through left me feeling confident about my families future and what we may expect.
Russell G.
Casey is very informed, but more importantly able to articulate market conditions and decisions in a simple understandable way. Love his heart for the education of his customers.
Dennis D.
I have been with Wiser Wealth Management for over 10 years and they have done a great job for me. They are always available to answer questions and give advice. I love that they are a fiduciary organization. That said, I think they are the best!
Suzanne W.
Casey and the team are always professional and provide fantastic value. Thanks for having out back and providing great insight and financial advice!
Tom T.
Casey has been instrumental in assisting me plan my retirement. He is extremely knowledgeable and his advice has been priceless. Casey and his staff are always professional and easy to reach when needed. I highly recommend this firm.
Debbie W.
We are new clients with Wiser Wealth, but so far, we are very happy with the time and attention to detail they have given to understanding our goals and creating a plan for us. Missie Beach and her team are accessible and responsive. Everyone has been gracious and genuinely concerned about understanding our priorities and concerns. I like that they also emphasize educating their clients with up-to-date articles and podcasts. We are glad to have found Wiser Wealth.
Lane W.
Always a transparent, trusting experience and relationship with Casey. I feel confident he is on our team and has our best interest at hand. So confident that he we have referred over 5 families to this company!
Kari C.
Genie S.
I've started with this firm since the inception of the company. The professionalism in the wealth management arena is outstanding. I've never been disappointed. Thank you Casey, and all the staff, at Wiser Wealth Management.
Phil S.
would recommend to others
Dave W.
Just finished my yearly review with Wiser Wealth management. I feel confident that I am on the right path financially with their help.
Steve M.
Casey is a principled man who both lives his life AND runs his business accordingly! Honest, straight forward, professional and extremely competent! You can't go wrong by choosing Wiser Wealth Management to protect and grow your personal wealth!
Vance H.
It was my first time being in these peaceful place. Before I got in I had stress because of my credit situation but as soon as I got in and feel the positive vibe in that cozy office I forgot my problems. I want to say special thanks to Mrs Missie for her kindness, patience and very helpful information.
Sima C.
Extremely professional, very helpful, and perfect advice as we plan our financial future. Excellent service all the way around!
Terry C.
We have been with Wiser Wealth Management for approximately 8 years as a client, but had been following Casey's advice from his webpage for much longer than that. In the 8 years that we have been clients, we have become debt-free and have built our retirement nest egg with Casey's advice and management to a point where we are extremely comfortable and confident that we will retire with more than needed to handle our retirement needs. The one-on-one relationship with a fee-only professional like Casey and his team is extremely valuable. I consistently encourage my colleagues to reach out to him, and give testimony to what Wiser Wealth Management has done for us and our ability to manage our income and feel confident about retiring with no worries about our post-retirement income.
Robert B.
Casey and his company helped my niece when my sister died. She was overwhelmed with all the details that had to be resolved. He went above and beyond to guide her thru the process. We are forever grateful for his help
Barry C.
Casey and his team are very thoughtful and patient. They provide a very personalized service to help us reach our goals for retirement.
Brian D.
John L.
I have been with Casey and Wiser since I first started a retirement account, and it has done very well under Wiser Wealth's guidance. He and his team are responsive and knowledgeable. They have done an excellent job of managing our assets and ensuring we are on track to meet our goals.
Zachary R.
We've been using Wiser for about 8 years and as a relatively youngish couple (at the time) it was the best financial decision we've made. Casey has never steered us wrong and has proven over the years that his advice and expertise are invaluable. I seriously can't recommend him and his team enough, they have changed our lives.
Jason C.
Edna M.
We would highly recommend Wiser Wealth Management. Customer focused staff with great communication to help you achieve your financial goals.
Lisa T.
Cannot say enough good things about Wiser Wealth. I'm always treated as one of their most valued clients and I'm confident all clients feel that way. They work with you on meeting your objectives in a clear, realistic way and then assist you along the path to make things happen. Hats off to Casey, Mike and Tiffany.
Susan E.
We were planning for retirement and knew we needed help in preparing our finances for the next phase of life. During our research, we ran across Wiser Wealth Management and met Casey. It has been a great experience and I feel we’re 100% prepared and on track. I wish we would have done this much earlier in life. Casey and his team are awesome.
Brian P.
Casey Smith and his team are amazing! I've worked with Wiser for a very long time and have always had a spectacular experience. When I have a question, I get an answer back almost immediately. They really and truly prioritize the customer experience. I have a high level of comfort knowing that I can count on Wiser Wealth Mgmt to help guide me to retirement. I highly recommend them!
Bree B.
Their service to our family has been impeccable, they have always involved us and made all of the planning with us.
Matthew M.
I had the chance to speak with Casey for the first time today and he definitely exceeded my expectations! He was very knowledgeable and attentive and I felt a lot of confidence speaking with him about my early planning. One of the primary reasons I looked into Wiser is because of their fee-only model (vs fee-based/commissions), but after talking with Casey I’m also sold on their integrity and professionalism as well. Thank you Casey!
Veronica K.
We did the research; and we are confident we made the right decision choosing Wiser Wealth Management to handle our investments. We highly recommend Casey and his staff!!!
jim W.
We love Wiser Wealth Management! Casey and his team are terrific.
Martha W.
Casey and his staff are very professional and have handled my accounts for several years. I wouldn't consider going to another financial advisor.
Jimmy W.

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