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Providing our clients and community with independent fee-only, fiduciary wealth management while simultaneously using our resources to benefit God’s kingdom is what Wiser is all about.

Wiser Wealth Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm and a fiduciary to our clients, which means we have a responsibility to look out for our client’s best interest. We offer investment management, business retirement plans, tax planning-preparation, and estate planning. Wiser Wealth Management does not sell any products. We manage portfolios by investing in index funds best suited for our clients. Our investment philosophy is to keep cost low, maintain a diversified portfolio, and always invest for the long term. We accomplish these objectives by investing in the global markets using broad and sector based index funds. In some cases we use option techniques. Our investment advice incorporates tax and estate planning knowledge.

We believe that the best way to provide long-term wealth is through investing in highly diversified index funds with a portfolio optimized for risk and return. All of our portfolios have been extensively backtested through many different market conditions.

With investing, we always keep these three things in mind: keep cost low, diversify and invest for the long-term. This is our simple and time tested Wiser Advice.

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