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Unsure if you are on track for retirement?
No time to research every financial decision you make?
Confused if your advisor is working in your best interest?

A lack of clarity may be costing you a great deal.

Most people don’t know how much they pay their financial advisor. We develop financial plans with transparent fees, no product sales and no commissions, helping you reach your goals.

Develop A Financial Plan With Our Team


We create a financial
plan with you.


We implement and monitor
the plan together.

How Wiser is Different

Our advisors are
We are legally responsible to act in your best interest.
There are no
conflicts of interest
We NEVER sell or push products. We don’t even offer them.
We build a financial plan
& portfolio for you
Our CFP® professionals evaluate your financial health and build a plan and portfolio tailored just for you.
Our fees are simple
& transparen
We have an easy fee structure based on the amount of assets we manage for you or we can use a flat fee.

Meet Your Advising Team

Casey T. Smith

President, Principal

Brad Lyons, CFP®

Investment Manager

Matthews Barnett, CFP®


Financial Planning Specialist

Client Reviews

"We have used Wiser Wealth Management for our financial needs for years. We feel they always have our interest at heart."
- Deana N.

"I would definitely recommend their services to anyone desiring a trustworthy financial planner."

- Wanda U. (Read Full Review)

"[Wiser] has been handling our financial investments for over 7 years now. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and I would recommend this team to anyone."

- Wesley F.

"[Casey] has my complete trust. He is responsive to every request and has a professional office staff to meet every need. "

- William M.   (Read Full Review)

"Working with Wiser Wealth Management, Matthews Barnett and Brad Lyons, has been a life changing experience...  I highly recommend."

- Brenda W. (Read Full Review)

"Their service to our family has been impeccable, they have always involved us and made all of the planning with us."

- Matthew M.

"If anyone ever asks me to recommend a fiduciary fee-only financial advisor, I highly recommend Casey and his company."

- Joe S. (Read Full Review)

Disclosure: These reviews are directly from our business page on Google. No client was compensated for their review.

How Can You Experience Financial Freedom and Be Prepared for the Future?

The market is flooded with financial advisors, some acting in your best interest and others who do not. How do you know the difference?

We should all be able to feel secure and trust that our financial advisor is not selling us products or working based on commissions.

Like some of you, we are frustrated by financial advisors not acting in the best interest of clients. No one should have to experience a product pushing, commission driven financial advisor.

Wiser Wealth Management is a fiduciary, fee-only planning firm in Marietta, GA that has transparent fees and will never sell you any product.

We’ve worked with clients for over 19 years and will help you develop a financial plan to clear your path to financial freedom.

Financial planning is offered under a traditional asset under management, fee-only approach. Hourly planning is also available for a flat fee. Quality tax and legal services are offered through a seamless professional network.

Keeping you informed on important financial topics related to personal finance, investing and more!
The Wiser team discusses five financial topics in the news each week.
Listen to our weekly podcast where we believe the best financial advice should be conflict free.

Download your free copy now! Buyer Beware: Why do they keep trying to sell you that annuity?


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