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Take the first step towards changing your future. Our team of financial planners near Austell can help.

• Do you feel confident knowing that you’re on track for retirement?
• Is your long-term financial plan one-size-fits-all or specifically tailored to you?
• Are you looking for a second opinion on your current investment portfolio?
• Is your financial plan designed to help you leave a financial legacy?
• Have you struggled finding the right financial advisor in Austell that you can trust?
• Are you looking for financial guidance on an hourly basis?

We will guide you through our portfolio management and financial planning process with the help of our team near Austell, GA.​

Our goal is to help you achieve financial clarity, so you can focus less on your finances and more on living your life.

Custom Financial Planning

Our financial planners take the time to get to know you and understand your unique needs. Then we can develop your custom financial plan tailored to meet your specific goals.

Trustworthy & Unbiased Advice

We are fiduciary financial advisors, meaning we are legally obligated to act in your best interest. We receive no commissions, referral fees, or any other hidden fees. This allows us to always put your best interests first when providing financial advice.

Simple & Transparent Fees

Having simple and transparent fees means there’s no need to worry about hidden costs. We have an easy fee structure based on the amount of assets we manage for you or financial advice by the hour.

If you’re looking for a financial advisor in Austell, GA, our team is here to help.

We serve all kinds of people from all walks of life who are ready for a better way forward when it comes to managing their money and achieving their goals. Whether you need guidance on investments or financial planning including retirement, estate planning, tax planning, or insurance, we will walk through each step together until you feel confident in your new plan.

Meet the team that will guide you through every stage of your financial journey.


Casey T. Smith

President, Principal

Missie Beach

Missie Beach, CFP®, CDFA®

Senior Financial Advisor

Brad Lyons

Brad Lyons, CFP®

Investment Manager

3 simple steps to gain confidence in your financial future​

Develop a financial plan with our team located in Austell, GA!


Schedule a discovery meeting with a financial consultant.

We want to get a sense of who you are and what your goals for the future might be. We will gather detailed information about you.


Together, we design a financial plan tailored to you.

We’ll help you create a personalized financial plan covering retirement and investment decisions for your specific situation.


We implement and monitor​ your progress.

Our team is dedicated and available for anything that may arise during your journey with us! You get to focus on what’s important in life.

Portfolio Management​

Are you looking for comprehensive wealth management near Austell, GA?

Wiser offers portfolio management and financial planning services tailored to your specific needs. We have a team of financial advisors near Austell, GA, as well as a network of trusted CPAs and attorneys to guide you through every stage of life. We develop portfolios that are aligned with your financial plan, so you can focus on what really matters. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve financial freedom.

Hourly Financial Consulting​

Are you looking for financial advice by the hour near Austell, GA?

Working with a financial planner can seem a bit overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be. Once we get to know you and your situation, we provide tailored advice to help you reach your goals. This is a great option for the DIY investors looking for a second opinion, those making life transitions, or those with specific questions. Since we charge by the hour, you can rest assured knowing that you’re only paying for the time and advice that you need.

We help clients write their own stories of success. Yours could be next!​

Casey and the team are always professional and provide fantastic value. Thanks for having out back and providing great insight and financial advice!
Tom T.
15:05 05 May 23
Casey has been instrumental in assisting me plan my retirement. He is extremely knowledgeable and his advice has been priceless. Casey and his staff are always professional and easy to reach when needed. I highly recommend this firm.
Debbie W.
13:49 02 May 23
Our yearly meeting with our Wiser Wealth Management team went well, as usual. Our finance strengths and balances were discussed. We asked questions that were answered to our satisfaction. We enjoy working with Casey and feel that he has our best interests at heart.
Linda B.
22:36 27 Apr 23
We are new clients with Wiser Wealth, but so far, we are very happy with the time and attention to detail they have given to understanding our goals and creating a plan for us. Missie Beach and her team are accessible and responsive. Everyone has been gracious and genuinely concerned about understanding our priorities and concerns. I like that they also emphasize educating their clients with up-to-date articles and podcasts. We are glad to have found Wiser Wealth.
Lane W.
18:06 27 Apr 23
Always a transparent, trusting experience and relationship with Casey. I feel confident he is on our team and has our best interest at hand. So confident that he we have referred over 5 families to this company!
Kari C.
00:04 25 Apr 23
Genie S.
16:30 24 Apr 23
I've started with this firm since the inception of the company. The professionalism in the wealth management arena is outstanding. I've never been disappointed. Thank you Casey, and all the staff, at Wiser Wealth Management.
Phil S.
14:40 24 Apr 23
would recommend to others
Dave W.
13:17 24 Apr 23
Just finished my yearly review with Wiser Wealth management. I feel confident that I am on the right path financially with their help.
Steve M.
19:23 15 Apr 23
Casey is a principled man who both lives his life AND runs his business accordingly! Honest, straight forward, professional and extremely competent! You can't go wrong by choosing Wiser Wealth Management to protect and grow your personal wealth!
Vance H.
20:17 28 Feb 23
It was my first time being in these peaceful place. Before I got in I had stress because of my credit situation but as soon as I got in and feel the positive vibe in that cozy office I forgot my problems. I want to say special thanks to Mrs Missie for her kindness, patience and very helpful information.
Sima C.
21:18 15 Feb 23
Extremely professional, very helpful, and perfect advice as we plan our financial future. Excellent service all the way around!
Terry C.
15:45 13 Feb 23
We have been with Wiser Wealth Management for approximately 8 years as a client, but had been following Casey's advice from his webpage for much longer than that. In the 8 years that we have been clients, we have become debt-free and have built our retirement nest egg with Casey's advice and management to a point where we are extremely comfortable and confident that we will retire with more than needed to handle our retirement needs. The one-on-one relationship with a fee-only professional like Casey and his team is extremely valuable. I consistently encourage my colleagues to reach out to him, and give testimony to what Wiser Wealth Management has done for us and our ability to manage our income and feel confident about retiring with no worries about our post-retirement income.
Robert B.
22:02 07 Feb 23
Casey and his company helped my niece when my sister died. She was overwhelmed with all the details that had to be resolved. He went above and beyond to guide her thru the process. We are forever grateful for his help
Barry C.
23:06 06 Feb 23
Casey and his team are very thoughtful and patient. They provide a very personalized service to help us reach our goals for retirement.
Brian D.
22:50 28 Jan 23
John L.
03:27 21 Jan 23
I have been with Casey and Wiser since I first started a retirement account, and it has done very well under Wiser Wealth's guidance. He and his team are responsive and knowledgeable. They have done an excellent job of managing our assets and ensuring we are on track to meet our goals.
Zachary R.
20:00 18 Jan 23
We've been using Wiser for about 8 years and as a relatively youngish couple (at the time) it was the best financial decision we've made. Casey has never steered us wrong and has proven over the years that his advice and expertise are invaluable. I seriously can't recommend him and his team enough, they have changed our lives.
Jason C.
23:41 08 Jan 23
Edna M.
12:46 25 Dec 22
We would highly recommend Wiser Wealth Management. Customer focused staff with great communication to help you achieve your financial goals.
Lisa T.
18:28 23 Dec 22
Cannot say enough good things about Wiser Wealth. I'm always treated as one of their most valued clients and I'm confident all clients feel that way. They work with you on meeting your objectives in a clear, realistic way and then assist you along the path to make things happen. Hats off to Casey, Mike and Tiffany.
Susan E.
14:13 15 Dec 22
We were planning for retirement and knew we needed help in preparing our finances for the next phase of life. During our research, we ran across Wiser Wealth Management and met Casey. It has been a great experience and I feel we’re 100% prepared and on track. I wish we would have done this much earlier in life. Casey and his team are awesome.
14:20 10 Dec 22
Casey Smith and his team are amazing! I've worked with Wiser for a very long time and have always had a spectacular experience. When I have a question, I get an answer back almost immediately. They really and truly prioritize the customer experience. I have a high level of comfort knowing that I can count on Wiser Wealth Mgmt to help guide me to retirement. I highly recommend them!
Bree B.
14:43 08 Dec 22
Their service to our family has been impeccable, they have always involved us and made all of the planning with us.
Matthew M.
18:19 24 Nov 22
I had the chance to speak with Casey for the first time today and he definitely exceeded my expectations! He was very knowledgeable and attentive and I felt a lot of confidence speaking with him about my early planning. One of the primary reasons I looked into Wiser is because of their fee-only model (vs fee-based/commissions), but after talking with Casey I’m also sold on their integrity and professionalism as well. Thank you Casey!
Veronica K.
00:34 15 Nov 22
We did the research; and we are confident we made the right decision choosing Wiser Wealth Management to handle our investments. We highly recommend Casey and his staff!!!
jim W.
01:54 30 Oct 22
We love Wiser Wealth Management! Casey and his team are terrific.
Martha W.
20:00 26 Oct 22
Casey and his staff are very professional and have handled my accounts for several years. I wouldn't consider going to another financial advisor.
Jimmy W.
19:57 25 Oct 22
Casey and his team are in business for the right reasons. They are extremely focused on the absolute best client experience and doing the right thing.
Chase K.
15:20 04 Oct 22
Super nice people to deal with they really care about their customers have been with these guys for five years could not talk me to go anywhere else ,you dont havemany co's with customer service like wiser ,take your money there you will not be disappointed ,thanks bill
bill S.
16:08 19 Aug 22
My wife and I have been using Casey and Wiser Wealth Management for several years now and have been very pleased with what they have done for us. The firm is actively engaged in our best interests. They have advised us of the best ways for our investments to grow (or minimized the pain in the current environment!) and have continued to follow through with us as changed need to be made.
Tim O.
16:16 10 Aug 22
Darron H.
20:12 23 Jun 22
I have been with Wiser Wealth Management for over 10 years and they have done a great job for me. They are always available to answer questions and give advice. I love that they are a fiduciary organization. That said, I think they are the best!
Suzanne W.
15:45 20 Jun 22
I have known Casey for quite a few years now. He runs a good shop, very knowledgeable and responsive. Everyone that works there is a pleasure to deal with.
David B.
13:51 17 Jun 22
Casey and his team truly listen to and address your financial goals and concerns and put together solid financial plans that are conservatively tailored to helping you achieve financial security. Thank you to them.
Todd R.
17:24 12 Jun 22
These guys are amazing and go above and beyond the call of duty!
Chad M.
22:11 02 Jun 22
Professional and courteous
Rhonda C.
14:49 02 Jun 22
Great, trustworthy group of professionals. I wouldn't work with anyone else.
Hooper W.
14:21 02 Jun 22
We are appreciative of Casey & his staff. They are friendly & helpful.
Charlene R.
13:34 07 May 22
Casey's presentation was very informative and helpful. he made sense out of things that can be confusing. I left having a good and positive feeling about my retirement.
Tony D.
00:16 01 Apr 22
Tyler M.
00:56 01 Mar 22
I am very satisfied with the level of expertise and service I receive at Wiser Wealth Management. They are very concerned with making the right decisions with my retirement account an answering questions that I have with the market and funds. Casey has stuck with me during the Highs and Lows to help me out. I cant ask for much more than that. Its a pleasure to work with them and have a great sense of security for tommorrow.
steve m
04:07 17 Feb 22
Casey and his team always deliver excellent service. The are trustworthy and relational. The transparent nature in which they attend to our finances leaves us confident we have the right team!
Jennifer B.
17:55 28 Jan 22
Our advisor is Casey Smith. Casey thoroughly understands our retirement funds as well as our SEP IRA's. He has invested our money wisely and with very little risk involved while still producing income. If anyone ever asks me to recommend a fiduciary fee only financial advisor, I would highly recommend Casey and his company.
Joe S.
20:12 25 Jan 22
Christopher N.
17:24 08 Jan 22
These folks are professional. They listened to our shot term and long term goals. Developed strategies to address challenges in reaching these goals. They have worked with us to monitor progress. They have been accessible for questions and concerns. We have been considered as people not just accounts.
David P.
13:48 08 Dec 21
I have only been with Wiser Wealth Management for a month and in that time, they have been exceptional! I had an initial consultation at no cost, had a 2nd phone meeting at no cost, they provided superb financial advise, are a fiduciary company, and their fees are completely reasonable. As if that isn't enough, in the short space of time that I have been with them, my investments have grown considerably. Highly recommended!
Alonso P.
01:57 06 Nov 21
My wife and I would recommend the team of Wiser Wealth to any of our friends and family. They are very responsive and have directed our resources in a way that my financial goals for retirement are in place.
Jimmy D.
12:18 20 Oct 21
Heidi D.
13:46 11 Oct 21
Very knowledgeable staff and excellent for planning one's financial future.
Donald B.
18:32 01 Oct 21
We have been with Wiser Wealth Management for several years now and are extremely happy with the handling of our financial investments. Their office is always professional and responsive to our needs. We highly recommend their office!
Tammy G.
15:30 23 Sep 21
Michael S.
13:56 23 Sep 21
Elizabeth G.
17:31 24 Aug 21
My wife and I have been clients with Wiser Wealth Management for several years. We met with and had several communications with Casey and his team before deciding to use their service. They have always been very welcoming to all of our questions and concerns. It is comforting to know that Casey and his team are looking out for our best interest.Owen and Claire Kirkpatrick
Owen K.
14:55 24 Aug 21
Noland G.
14:32 24 Aug 21
Hampton P.
21:54 23 Aug 21
Great firm, having not only sound investment services, but also partners for bookkeeping, tax and legal services. Everyone is knowledgeable, dependable and responsive.
Trabue K.
20:51 23 Aug 21
Alli P.
20:02 23 Aug 21
Neal P.
20:02 23 Aug 21
Hadley P.
19:58 23 Aug 21
I cannot say enough great things about Wiser Wealth. My wife and I have been a client of theirs for over ten years. The staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. Casey Smith has always been accessible and honest regarding our finances. I can honestly say that I would not trust anyone near as much with our financial security more than I trust Wiser Wealth.
Mark T.
16:40 23 Aug 21
We have been clients of Casey Smith and Wiser Wealth Management for years and plan to remain so for years to come. Highly recommend.
Katherine E.
16:38 23 Aug 21
karen H.
20:09 19 Aug 21
We have used Wiser for over 20 years, and trust Casey and his people Whenever I have a question, I can either text or call Casey, and get a response back immediately from him or someone in the office
Lucy S.
22:05 17 Aug 21
Casey is very informed, but more importantly able to articulate market conditions and decisions in a simple understandable way. Love his heart for the education of his customers.
Dennis D.
12:24 17 Jul 21
Demi D.
15:18 16 Jun 21
My spouse and I have been associated with Casey and his team for about eight years now. What led us to Wiser - I've always felt we had the discipline to save for what was then our upcoming retirement, but recognized we lacked the financial savvy to properly manage and grow our portfolio. This is where Wiser comes into play. We did our due-diligence, meeting others but the comfort factor (professionalism, knowledge, and trust) was there with Wiser. Now that we're retired, we are comforted by the fact that Casey and team are always available to help us with our financial planning and assist in the continuing growth of our funds and our future. We feel a comfortable yet professional relationship with the Wiser team. Reaching out to Wiser those eight years ago was the appropriate step in securing our future.
Gary P. S.
19:49 08 Jun 21
I really enjoy listening to these podcasts. They cover a wide variety of topics, and I almost always take away some bits of practical information. Now I’m listening to the Five in Twenty too!
Nelle P.
19:42 18 May 21
My wife and I are very comfortable and confident in Casey Smith and Company's handling of our finances! Great people, excellent work on our behalf!
John P.
13:58 03 May 21
Very professional and superb quality of service! In a testament to their commitment to long-term planning, I have been a customer of Wiser's since Casey assumed leadership. The professionalism and expertise of Casey and his team, in their management of my portfolio, and guidance for estate, tax, risk management planning have helped me get my family to a much more confident financial posture.
Bill M.
21:22 17 Apr 21
It has been our pleasure working with the team at Wiser Wealth Management. I first can to know Casey when he worked at the airlines as a pilot. His interest in helping his fellow employees lead him to share his knowledge of financial management, at 401k workshops. I knew my husband and I could work with him, he laid everything out in layman’s terms, and was patient answering all questions. We live in North Carolina, and have looked at finding someone closer, but it was not the same feeling of trust, and ease of working together, so we stayed with Casey.
Cathy S.
18:53 13 Apr 21
Great to work with and always available for my random questions. They treat you like you are one of their own. Very helpful in all aspects of financial planning, especially if you are part of the Aviation community as they understand the idiosyncrasies of the business and can point you in the right direction. The financial planning was invaluable and being a fiduciary business always what is best for you.
John C.
20:07 24 Feb 21
Casey and his team are super professional and knowledgable. Practical advice and nothing pushy here. I highly recommend them.
George A.
20:46 18 Feb 21
Personal. Treated like their own family. It’s a hard thing to take all you have and entrust it to someone. Yet this business is all about helping you reach a goal of “financial peace of mind”Give them a chance. A look. A sit down. You won’t be disappointed that you gave them a little bit of your time.Their time is YOUR time
Matthew B.
01:01 18 Feb 21
Casey Smith at Wiser Wealth is a wonderful advisor. He is personable, trustworthy and makes clients feel like family.
Ann B.
20:03 17 Feb 21
Casey and his Company has been Great to us. I have Total Faith in them. I have known Casey for many years and even flew with him for years so we have a Very Long History.
keith Z.
14:39 09 Feb 21
I first met Casey Smith in 2005 when with his help I created my Estate Plan. He appeared to be a bright and personable young man and his advice fit my hopes for my financial future. I decided to have him manage my portfolio.I have not been disappointed. I live in Rhode Island but in today's electronic age the distance is not a problem Casey reviews my holdings and makes the changes to keep my portfolio in the agreed balance. I find his fee schedule appropriate. He has my complete trust. He is responsive to every request and has a professional office staff to meet every need.I recommend Wiser Wealth Management anyone needing sound financial advice.
William M.
18:29 08 Feb 21
Working with Wiser Wealth Management, Matthews Barnett and Brad Lyons, has been a life changing experience. They have assisted me with becoming debt free with a solid plan for retirement. I highly recommend.
Brenda W.
15:44 08 Feb 21
Great communications.
Bill R.
15:17 08 Feb 21
Casey Smith has done a superb job managing my retirement money. I can highly recommend his company Wiser Wealth Management to anybody seeking financial advise.
Reinhard G
06:40 29 Jan 21
Casey and his entire staff provide outstanding service. They are always available for any questions or concerns that I may have and handle my requests promptly and accurately. During the three years that I have been associated with them I have never had a problem. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a financial advisor.
Charles A.
17:55 27 Jan 21
Casey and his team are compassionate caring people. Even if you are not their biggest invested they still treat you like you are.
Debbie S.
21:45 25 Jan 21
Wiser Wealth Management has been handling our financial investments for over 7 years now. My wife and I are very pleased with the results and I would recommend this team to anyone.
Wesley F.
21:27 25 Jan 21
A A.
20:57 23 Jan 21
Carlene F.
19:10 13 Jan 21
This a wonderful company to do business with. Casey and his team have gone out of their way to help my family. If you are in need of financial assistance in any way,this is the company you want to have on your side.
Gary S.
17:58 09 Jan 21
Casey is amazing!! He has literally saved us financially. I cannot sing his praises enough. He advised and walked us through a series of unexpected expenses and losses and informed us of options we were unaware of. Despite the insanity of 2020, we are now in a good position thanks to Casey, adding to our retirement accounts and have gotten our savings back to where it needs to be. I trust Casey and his team to make the best decisions for us, and perhaps best of all, Casey is extremely ethical and I fully trust him with our best interests. I also love that Casey makes himself available to his clients and establishes great relationships... I can and do reach out to Casey when I have financial questions!
Claire Dunaway C.
17:45 09 Jan 21
I have been a client @ Wiser Wealth Management for more than 6 years. They work for the benefit of their clients and are respectful and friendly. I have always known they are working in my best interest. I would definitely recommend their services to anyone desiring a trustworthy financial planner.
Wanda U.
22:21 08 Jan 21
Wiser Wealth Management has been my Financial advisor for the last 15 + years. Casey and his staff has been honest, trustworthy and have done a great job for me and my family! I would recomend them for anybody that is looking for financial advise. Chris Watson
Chris W.
23:55 07 Jan 21
We have used Wiser Wealth Management for our financial needs for years. We feel they always have our interest at heart.
Deana N.
18:45 07 Jan 21
Angie K.
05:53 30 Oct 20
I've been with Wiser Wealth for a number of years. Everyone has always treated me very well and I plan to continue working with Casey Smith in the future. Outstanding Company and Staff!!!!
gary K.
21:46 12 Jan 18
Alexa B.
02:07 24 Oct 13

Disclosure: The above reviews feed directly and at random from our business page on Google. We do not control or curate the content. We cannot verify whether the reviewers are clients of our firm. We have not compensated anyone for their review.

What Makes Wiser Wealth Management the Best Choice for You?​

Fiduciary Advisors

At Wiser, being a fiduciary means we are legally responsible to act in your best interest at all times. That’s a responsibility we take very seriously, and it drives everything we do for our clients.

Portfolio Management & Financial Planning

We provide comprehensive portfolio management paired with financial planning. You can worry less about money and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with portfolio management.

Hourly Financial Consulting

A financial plan is the first step to a brighter tomorrow. It gives you a roadmap of where you’re going and how you’ll get there. And our team of financial planners can help make that plan as individualized as you are.

Simple​ & Transparent Fees

Having simple and transparent fees means there’s no need to worry about hidden costs. We have an easy fee structure based on the amount of assets we manage for you or we can use a flat fee. It’s up to you!

Austell is a city in Cobb and Douglas Counties, Georgia, and is part of the Atlanta metropolitan area. The city, officially incorporated in 1885, was named after General Alfred Austell as a way to celebrate his efforts in bringing the railways to the south.

Austell has a population of approximately 7,276 residents and spans over a 5.96 square mile radius. In its early days, the economy of Austell was primarily linked to the rail depot, which transferred people and goods. This allowed residents to quickly commute to nearby areas to seek better employment opportunities.

One of the most-visited attractions in Austell is the Six Flags Over Georgia Amusement Park. It is a 290-acre park that opened in 1967, the second in the 3 Six Flags Chain after Texas. The theme of this amusement park comes from the Warner Bros.Entertainment library. It includes many famous characters created by the company, such as the DC Comics characters.

The city also has an impressive number of museums, such as the Cobb County Youth Museum and the Marietta Museum of History. Like most cities in the area, Austell invests many efforts into the historic preservation of the area.

Though Austell has a small-town appeal, it encourages economic growth through low property taxes, low occupational tax structure, and Freeport exemptions. Quality of life in the area was improved by the infrastructure optimizations and extra recreation facilities designed by the Parks and Recreations department.

Sources: City of AustellExploreGeorgia.org

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