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FlightPath is an automated investing platform that helps new investors build wealth with a low and transparent fee.
Wiser Wealth Management financial planning clients have access to low cost portfolios that match their long term goals.

FlightPath is the easiest and simplest way for new investors to access our portfolios and build wealth with us.​



We meet with you in person or virtually to assess your financial goals.

Set Goals

We work with you to create an optimal savings and investment strategy.​

Reach Your Target

We implement & monitor the plan together.​


We meet with you in person or virtually to assess your financial goals.

Easy to use dashboard

We meet with you in person or virtually to assess your financial goals.


Live updating of financial goals & progress reporting.

Expert Advice

Regular communication from
Wiser Wealth Management experts.​


Automated rebalancing, trading & deposits.

Officially backed

Assets custodied at Betterment.

Tax Efficient

FlightPath helps to reduce tax impact through tax loss harvesting.

No Transaction Costs

There are no trading fees on this platform. We also support fractional shares to maximize every dollar invested.

No Minimum Balance

There is no minimum balance on your account, ever.

Is FlightPath Right for You?

At Wiser Wealth Management, we trust you are the kind of investor who wants to know you are on track for financial freedom.  In order to achieve financial freedom, you need a low cost, easy solution to investing. 

The problem is there is not enough time or perhaps you lack the knowledge, which makes you feel stressed or worried about the future. 

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We believe investing and financial planning should be easy, efficient and productive.  We understand you want peace of mind that you are following a financial plan tailored just for you.

That is why we developed FlightPath, an automated investment solution paired with the advice and experience of your Wiser Wealth Management team.  We designed this platform to help new investors reach their financial goals by increasing tax-efficiency, automated savings, and utilizing well-researched, low-cost passive investments. 

Our paperless process makes signup easy.  Whether you are a new or existing advisory client, we will work closely with you so you can leverage the FlightPath platform quickly and easily.

Sign up today to stop worrying about your future and start your journey to financial freedom.

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