Planning & Asset Management

What is a Registered Investment Advisory firm?

Wiser Wealth is a “fee-only” Registered Investment Advisory firm with a fiduciary duty to act in your best interest.

Fee Only

We receive no commissions or 12 B-1 fees. This means NO product pushing!

We have a legal responsibility to act in a trustworthy and honest way.

Your Best

We prudently recommend in good faith and trust.

Our Financial Planning Process

Our team provides a full scope of support for your financial health in three meetings.


Meet to establish a baseline of your current financial health.


Discuss goals, areas of concern & develop path forward.


Review your plan and introduce other professionals as needed (CPA, legal, etc).

Going forward, annual review meetings are conducted to assess your financial health each year, address any life changes and monitor your plan. Financial plans can be developed as part of our asset under management process or billed hourly.

What We Will Cover


Develop a financial plan to guide you in achieving your long term financial goals.


Build your portfolio to match your financial plan.

Tax Preparation & Legal Services

Our partner CPAs and attorneys provide a seamless & total wealth management experience.


Review of your current 401k allocations & recommendations that align with your personal financial objectives.


Have you started saving for college? Assistance with tax advantage savings plans is provided.

Insurance & Risk Management

Are you properly insured? Our team can make sure you have the most appropriate insurance coverage.

Long Term Care Planning

The best time to think about long term care is before you need it. We can help.

Medicare & Social Security

The retirement planning process will include your expected social security income and Medicare costs.

How we manage your portfolio

Wiser Wealth Management builds custom portfolios using low cost index funds to match your plans long-term objectives.

Using low cost index funds through our custodian, TD Ameritrade, we have access to a virtually unlimited selection of funds at a very low or no trading cost.

Supported by a global team and BlackRock’s Aladdin® technology, we are able leverage additional resources to manage portfolios.

Our Commitment to Every Client

Our team promises to work with you to achieve your lifetime financial goals and objectives.

We understand you are entrusting your family’s financial future, not to a particular financial plan or investment portfolio, but to Wiser Wealth Management. As your trusted advisor, we are ready to accept this responsibility.

To get started, simply give us a call to schedule an appointment. Your first meeting with us is no obligation to you.

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