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You’re Doing Commodities Wrong: In Favor of Global Natural Resource ETFs

Before exchange traded funds (ETFs), investing in commodities meant either opening up an account to trade futures contracts or holding physical natural resources like gold and oil. Now, with assets in global ETFs recently passing the $4 trillion benchmark, it has never been easier for retail investors to gain access to broad commodities exposure at a very low cost through global natural resource funds. This is especially beneficial for investors seeking new opportunities to diversify their portfolios since the equity market rally that has taken […]
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Why Commodities are Different

This ariticle was also posted at Commodity ETFs are different than traditional, plain vanilla ETFs and investors need to be made aware of the risks.
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Commodities ETF: The Tax Difference

Commodity ETFs and ETNs have come a long way in recent years allowing investors to gain exposure to many commodity indexes ranging from very broad to very narrow.
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