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Covid-19 Recovery

The Wiser Wealth team discusses the current state of the market, economy and Covid-19 recovery. What can history teach us about how we should respond to today’s market volatility? Listen now on Itunes/Apple Podcasts Or listen through YouTube: You can also find this episode on your favorite podcast listening app, like Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, and Spotify. SHOW SUMMARY “The market is up and main street is on fire.” The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in ways no one could have imagined. The absence of live sports, restaurants

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investment portfolio

How to Build an Investment Portfolio

How should someone build their investment portfolio in a 401k or 403b retirement savings account? How does this differ from how a portfolio is invested once a person enters retirement? The Wiser team discusses the differences in today’s podcast. Listen now on Itunes/Apple Podcasts Or on YouTube:   You can also find this episode on your favorite podcast listening app, like, Google Podcasts, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher, and Spotify. SHOW SUMMARY Constructing a portfolio can be challenging. The notable risk factor paired with market uncertainty can be enough to scare one

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Some good economic news this morning following June jobs report as it was announced U.S. jobs increased 4.8 million in June vs the 2.9 million anticipated. Also, Unemployment rate now down to 11.1%. #coronavirus #unemployment #joblessclaims #payrolls

Finally a bit of good news to share! #COVID19 deaths are on the decline and consumer spending is up. Read more in our latest Wiser Wealth Management #blog. https://conta.cc/2VGHjoO @wiserinvestor

A new Wiser Roundtable #podcast is now available! Check it out on Apple Podcasts or your favorite listening app. This week the team discusses how to #recession proof your household. #budget #debt #savings https://conta.cc/2YT4a1k @wiserinvestor @moneyguypro @cashflowcaptain

Dow just had its best quarter since 1987, and Nasdaq best since 1999. However, there are many challenges moving forward next quarter. Today Steven Mnuchin and Jerome Powell had differing opinions on the economic environment. #coronavirus #COVID #Stocks #StockMarket

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