Invest Now, In this Market?

On this week’s Wiser Roundtable Podcast, the team talks about the difficulty of timing the market and whether you should invest at this time.

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The team begins the podcast by discussing how to calculate a clients required rate of return. This helps the client understand what their money is expected to do for them over a long period of time. This calculation is based upon the client’s unique investment objectives and personal goals. By figuring out the required rate of return, a portfolio can then be designed to achieve that rate of return with a high probability of success.

Timing the market can be difficult. You have to know when to get out and also when to get in. There can be hesitancy due to the possibility of a bad outcome. That hesitancy can make it difficult for people to make that second decision to get back in the market.

Factors determining meeting your investment goals:

  1. Understanding your risk tolerance
  2. Proper asset allocation
  3. Managing your behavior as an investor

Commercial real estate is a good diversifier away from equities. Real estate investment is known for its long-term returns, high transaction costs, and illiquidity. When building portfolios, asset allocation is very important. Using broadly diversified asset classes is a great predictor on what returns you can expect to get. Investing for the long term is both art and science. The market will go up and down, but the US economy is expected to do well over the long haul.


0:00 Introduction

1:16 Required Rate of Return

5:00 Timing the Market

7:56 Shiller PE Ratio

11:20 Commercial Real Estate

13:20 Asset Allocation


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By Published On: June 16, 2021

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