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Why Dave Ramsey is Wrong

By Casey Smith President, Wiser® Wealth Management There is no denying that Dave Ramsey has done a commendable job of bringing back our grandparents’ financial values into popular culture. Many Americans have been poor stewards of their finances and have been saddled with avoidable debt. Ramsey’s advice has helped thousands get back on the right financial track. Even at my own company, Wiser® Wealth Management, we use the debt snowball of Financial Peace University to help right the finances of our pro-bono planning clients. Ramsey […]
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The Burden of Debt

If interest rates are too high such as to make your minimum payments too onerous to allow much wiggle room, do not be shy about calling the debt provider to ask for a reduction in the rate. They don’t have to honor your request, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.
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