4 Reasons to Travel to Switzerland in Retirement

Making the most of your golden years involves embarking on exciting adventures and exploring new destinations. Whether you are sharing this chapter of life with your spouse, children, grandchildren, or embracing it independently, you should have the opportunity to savor all that life has to offer. Here are four reasons to travel to Switzerland in retirement.

About Switzerland

Capital: Bern

Population: 8.7 Million

Official Language: French, German, Italian, Romansh

Currency: Swiss Franc CHF

What it is Known For: Chocolate, Cheese, The Alps, Clocks, Ski Resorts

1. Easy Train Transportation Anywhere in the Country

Renting a car in a foreign country can be a practical solution. However, it can also be a hassle and potentially ruin your trip if something goes wrong. Flying everywhere can get expensive and be tiring. For those reasons and many more, Switzerland has become a favorite destination for retired Americans. Switzerland is an extremely developed country, and when it comes to railways, they are definitely subject-matter experts. There are 12.3km of railroad per 100 km in Switzerland, as opposed to 1.6km of railroad per 100km in the United States. Traveling by train in Switzerland is easy, affordable, and reliable. You can easily travel between towns in Switzerland and explore the country’s major cities. For example, a train ride from Geneva to Zurich lasts about 3 hours. The same one-way route can cost as low as 22CHF, which is approximately $25 USD. Switzerland has the most reliable train network in Europe. 

2. Three Cultures in One

Switzerland boasts four official languages, but the most significant cultural influences are derived from the three major languages spoken: French, German, and Italian. Visiting France, Germany, and Italy all in one trip can be quite overwhelming, but exploring three distinct regions in Switzerland over a few days is a more manageable alternative. This approach can provide you with a comparable cultural experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in facets of these diverse cultures. Picture yourself enjoying a croissant and baguette for breakfast in Geneva, savoring a wiener schnitzel for lunch in Zurich, or relishing a pasta dinner in Lugano.

3. The Outdoors are Everywhere

Switzerland is a country teeming with natural beauty, from its crystal-clear turquoise lakes to the vast expanse of lush green mountains. What’s truly remarkable is that you don’t need to embark on a train, car, ferry boat, or horse ride to revel in these wonders. You can enjoy these breathtaking lake and mountain views from many places in Switzerland, even the bigger cities. 

Furthermore, even if your skiing days are now a thing of the past, the Swiss Alps remain a marvel to admire at any stage in life. So, if you’ve ever yearned to visit renowned mountain peaks like the Matterhorn or Jungfrau, the time to embark on this adventure is now.

4. It’s Never Too Crowded

Places like London, Paris, and Rome are fun cities to visit, but overly crowded streets and restaurants are not everyone’s cup of tea. Rome receives on average 7 to 10 million tourists every year. On the other hand, Switzerland is never too crowded. The country receives an average of 3 to 4 million tourists each year. Regardless of what city you choose to visit or the time of year, you can expect a much lighter crowd of tourists than some of the major European cities. 

Travel to Switzerland in Retirement

These are some of the main reasons that retirees choose Switzerland as a vacation destination every year. If exploring the world is part of your vision for retirement but you aren’t sure how to plan for that, feel free to reach out to one of our financial advisors. We can help you factor travel into your personalized financial plan for retirement.

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By Published On: October 25, 2023

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