Avoid the annuity

Avoid the Annuity Salesperson

Avoid the annuity salesperson! Annuity salespeople try to persuade you by using the term “free”. However, when that term is used, there is most likely a catch. There is a huge gap between annuity salespeople and their clients in the way they are compensated. They usually receive approximately a 10% commission, thus motivating them to sell you a product you may not need. These annuity sales are regulated by the financial service industry, but unfortunately, the regulations are very broad. Being informed about annuities is very important due to the fact that sales of annuities can be based on the fear of losing money or the market crashing. Thus, making you vulnerable to falling for the sales pitch. Next time you get an email, phone call, or text from an annuity salesperson, remember free financial planning really means product sales. Avoid the annuity salesperson, and protect your assets by speaking with someone who can help manage your finances in your favor and not theirs!

Casey Smith

By Published On: February 18, 2022

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