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Fire Your Small Cap Mutual Fund Manager

We have found through research that 78% of small cap managers were unable to beat the index. The news is even worse for longer periods of time. Over the past 10 years, 84% of small cap managers were unable to beat the index. In the past, it was believed that actively managed funds by active managers could find companies that weren't being covered, find out the information, exploit that information by making investment decisions that they could profit from. This doesn't happen often anymore because there are more analysts now covering more companies and any investment manager can purchase a software now to get updated financial information on any publicly traded company. Fees are very high for actively managed small cap fund's, the average fee is 1.61%. Whereas, the index fund costs .06%. It will only become more difficult going forward in the future for active managers to consistently outperform their benchmark in the index.

Casey Smith


On today's podcast, the team talks about the differences between active vs passive investing. There are two very passionate sides to this long-time debate in our industry. Which approach is best? #passiveinvesting #typesofinvesting

Our firm is growing rapidly, and we are excited to add new team members! For detailed job descriptions and to apply, visit the careers page on our website.

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We think you should fire you small cap mutual fund manager! Watch this video to learn why. #mutualfund #smallcap #invest #investing #investments

Money matters are emotional because our livelihoods, families, and dreams can be greatly impacted by our financial decisions. Read today's blog to see if your investment behavior may be costing you. #invest #investingbehavior #investment

The US Federal Reserve, concerned about a deep recession has manipulated interest rates to help create certain conditions, but with rising inflation, low rates will disappear. Does this mean stock values will too? #interest #interestrates #investing

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