Portfolio Management in Times of Uncertainty

Portfolio Management in Times of Uncertainty

There’s no doubt we are in times of uncertainty. During such times, there will always be people who try to take advantage of the feeling of fear of the unknown. So, it’s important to be aware of half-truths and stay away from investments that benefit the advisor more than the investor. 

Portfolio management remains simple even in times of uncertainty, it is necessary to have enough cash reserved for emergencies, after this, it comes down to keeping costs low, maintaining diversification, and always focusing on the long term. Historically, the market has not let us down over a 10-year period of time.

Always remember, there is no shortcut to success, it takes hard work and patience. Furthermore, don’t fall for the idea of getting rich overnight. There’s no success without work.

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Casey Smith
President, Wiser Wealth Management

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By Published On: March 31, 2023

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