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Your Pre-Retirement Checklist

On this episode of A Wiser Retirement Podcast, Casey Smith, Matthews Barnett, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU® and Brad Lyons, CFP® talk about the upcoming theme for Q2 2022, the importance of having a plan for retirement, and outline the five main topics they will be cover throughout the quarter. They also introduce our new guide, called "Your Pre-Retirement Checklist". You can download this free guide on our website by clicking here.

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Pre-Retirement Checklist

Retirement can be scary to think about with everything that is going on in the world currently. With our new Pre-Retirement Checklist, it can be made less scary. Our theme for Q2 2022 compares the journey of retirees and astronauts. Since the future is uncertain for both retirees and astronauts, it is important to be well prepared. There are several important things to think about and plan for before you retire. The Pre-Retirement Checklist allows you to do just that and blast off into retirement worry free.

Have a Plan for Retirement

To stay retired, it is important to have a plan in place. In the past decade, stock market returns have been good to us. However, it’s unrealistic to think these types of returns will continue. Because of this, you should scale back your expectations and be prepared for anything. If you do this, high returns can give you a cushion that suit your income needs. On another note, like astronauts you should have a plan for different possible scenarios. Know what your flightpath is and plan accordingly.

Five Topics for Q2 2022

As you begin to prepare for retirement, there are five topics that are very important to understand. The five topics that will be our focus for Q2 2022 include, optimizing cash flow, social security, Medicare, investment asset allocation, and retiring with a purpose. Each of these topics will be explained in depth to help you achieve a successful retirement.

Download our white paper on "Your Pre-Retirement Checklist"


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