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Community Spotlight: Christy Carr Betz with Giving Grace

On this episode of the Wiser Roundtable podcast, Casey T. Smith interviews Christy Carr Betz, the founder of Giving Grace. The purpose of Giving Grace is to provide support for individuals in the community with acute needs, along with support for ongoing community programs while inviting the larger Atlanta community to participate in the work of reconciliation.

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Christy Carr Betz is the founder of Giving Grace, an organization that helps those with acute or emergency needs. Giving Grace posts these needs on Facebook and asks for specific funding for car repairs, water/power bills, deposits for apartments, furniture and more. There are additional opportunities to donate money or items like furniture, home accessories or food. Giving Grace never gives cash directly to the individual or family they are assisting. All cash is paid directly to the company providing the service. For example, Giving Grace takes a cash donation and pays the power company directly.

Christy began by volunteering at Church on the Street, a non profit that provides daily lunches for the homeless. While there, she noticed that many of the homeless men needed small things to help them get ahead or to keep a job like working boots, clothing or gas money. She started posting these specific needs on her personal Facebook page and found that the needs were filled within hours. As the giving grew, Carr Betz officially started a non-profit organization and named it Giving Grace. She chose this name because she found that most of those she was helping just needed a little grace. To date, the group has helped over 100 people.

Christy finds that the demand for donations is overwhelming right now due to Covid-19. She has seen an increase in need due to parents losing employment and childcare strain due to school closures and homeschooling.

If you are interested in donating, click here to find the Giving Grace group on Facebook and request access to join the group.


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By Published On: December 8, 2020

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