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It is important to understand the concept of long-term investing because it can help you grow and protect your portfolio. On this episode of A Wiser Retirement Podcast, Casey Smith and Brad Lyons, CFP® wrap up Q1 2022 by talking about why investing for the long-term is crucial to maintaining your portfolio. They talk about investing in emerging markets, reveal the fourth way to grow and protect your portfolio, and introduce our new theme for Q2 2022.

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Invest for the Long-Term

Unfortunately, it’s common to be your own worst enemy during times of crisis because emotions take over and a short-term solution seems to ease that worry. To avoid this, you should instead maintain a long-term focus. Since geo-political events or drops in the market are bound to happen, the portfolio is set up to withstand those types of events. Keep in mind, trading in the short-term can damage your portfolio. Try to worry less and invest for the long-term.

Why Invest in Emerging Markets?

As you begin to diversify your portfolio, it is important to include emerging markets in the mix. Emerging markets grow at very fast rates, and over time become developed markets. They also use natural resources as their biggest economic engine, meaning they have products and services that are exported throughout the world. This makes it a great opportunity for investors to profit.

Grow and Protect Your Portfolio

The fourth way to grow and protect your portfolio is by turning a blind eye to financial social media and news. It is important to keep in mind that most of it is noise and ultimately distracts you from reaching your financial goals. There is a lot of false information circulating out there that has no evidence of being factual. If you are looking to stay informed on global news, look for reliable sources.

Maintain Your Portfolio

Maintain your portfolio by only making changes to it when necessary. Don’t make changes based on the news, social media, or emotions. Make changes when the fundamentals of the market have changed and ultimately require an adaptation. It is highly important to adapt to new market fundamentals, so your portfolio is up to date and working in your best interest.

Launching into Quarter Two

Retirement only happens once, so it is very important to prepare for it. Our theme for Quarter 2 of 2022 compares the journey of retirees and astronauts. Similar to astronauts, retirees need to prepare and once in a “retirement orbit” have to survive and maintain their lifestyle. To help retirees better prepare for retirement, we have developed a checklist that counts down from five called Your Pre-Retirement Checklist, which will soon be available on our website.

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1:18 Invest for the Long-Term

6:00 Invest in Emerging Markets

9:51 Grow and Protect Your Portfolio

15:40 Maintain Your Portfolio

18:06 Launching into Q2 2022


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By Published On: March 29, 2022

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