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Advisor Caught Stealing?


On today's Five in Twenty video, Casey and Brad tackle five topics in less than twenty minutes! Topics include just like 2000, advisor caught stealing, digital assets, wrong market analysis, and free money.

Just Like 2000

Are there similarities between tech stocks now vs tech stocks in the year 2000?

Advisor Caught Stealing

This occurred at a firm in Miami, FL. These investment professionals abused their position and acted in a fraudulent way.

Digital Assets

Digital asset investments saw a third consecutive week of outflows totaling $75 million USD.

Wrong Market Analysis

Mechanical models and predictions are more accurate than those made by a person. Aggregating forecasts can reduce noise, but not necessarily bias.

Free Money

There have been unintended consequences due to stimulus checks that have affected many families.


0:20 Just like 2000?

4:00 Advisor Caught Stealing

9:45 Digital Assets

12:27 Wrong Market Analysis

17:22 Free Money


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