When is the right time to invest in the stock market?

What is The Right Time to Invest in the Stock Market?

With the recent volatility in the stock market, and the 2022 rate of return, people are wondering if stocks are still a good investment. Followed by the question, when is the best time to invest in the stock market? The reality is that even if you were to invest in the stock market at the worst possible time, you’d still have a positive return in 10 to 20 years. Our rule of thumb is if you have money to invest, but you’ll need it in the next 5 years, you shouldn’t invest in the stock market. Now, if you don’t anticipate having to use that money in the next 5 years, then invest it. Keep it in a low-cost, diversified index fund, and focus on the long-term. In other words, try to keep your money there for as long as possible.

The stock market is not a place to be played. To succeed, you need to focus on the long-term growth of your money. The truth is that timing the market is virtually impossible, and no one likes to see their money values go down. However, if you put your money inside the S&P 500, for example, and hold it for 10+ years you will have a high chance of success.

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By Published On: January 27, 2023

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